Cathy Discusses Her Breast Augmentation Decision and Results from Dr. Parker

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

After multiple pregnancies and nearly seven years of breast feeding, Cathy, a wife and mother of three, was disappointed in several aspects of her body. While she had never had big breasts, she got used to the fuller size that came along with breast feeding. Once she was finished, her breasts were worse for the wear.

“They looked like pears. That kind of shape, except drained pears with no juice!” Cathy laughed. “That’s how I described them.”

Her breasts weren’t the only body part that had changed over the years. A petite woman, Cathy had always been happy with her body. She maintained her figure after childbirth, but was disappointed in the stretched-out skin she now found draped over her midsection. In clothes, she felt fine, but seeing herself in the shower or in the mirror changing wasn’t a pleasant experience.

“Everyone said, ‘You look fine!’ but I was like ‘Hey, you don’t have to see me naked!’” she said.

Although her husband assured her she looked fine, Cathy couldn’t get the negative image out of her head. She spent years considering a tummy tuck and met with six different plastic surgeons before actually undergoing the procedure. She did most of her research online and was extremely pleased by the wealth of information on the Parker Center website. She loved the positive reviews, the before and after pictures, and the price estimates the Parker Center provided online.

Seeing so many other doctors only confirmed her initial faith in Dr. Parker. She remembers showing up to one appointment only to have the office closed, getting to spend just five minutes with surgeons at other offices, and arriving at one appointment where the doctor didn’t even show up. Overall, Dr. Parker put her at ease.

“Other places they just try to rush you into making a decision. It’s like, I’m having surgery, not picking out a college class!” Cathy explained. “I’m not going to short change my health to save a couple thousand dollars.”

After calling surgeons from across the region including different states, Cathy was sure no one could top Dr. Parker. She loved how informative the entire staff was, answering all of her questions thoroughly to make sure she was getting the information she needed as she researched New Jersey breast augmentation options. She tried on three different sizes in multiple outfits to ensure the right fit and loved how patient everyone was with her.

“You go there and you have no idea what to expect,” she said. “But then I left with so much knowledge. Overall, it was such a great experience! I’m sending my mother-in-law to Dr. Parker to get her tummy done, too!”

After a lipoabdominoplasty and a breast augmentation, Cathy couldn’t be happier with her decision. For more information on breast augmentation or other procedures, visit us online at You’ll find before and after images and procedure details.

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