Breast Reduction for Men on the Rise

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

For some men, learning more about their bodies and about how to look their best also involves learning about gynecomastia. New Jersey is home to the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery, which is a center for remarkable breast reduction for men. While a man may be in shape, excess fatty tissue in the chest wall can contribute to larger or sagging breasts. This excess tissue frustrates many men when it will not go away, despite extra efforts at the gym.

breast reduction for men new jersey

“Gynecomastia is a term that refers to male breast enlargement,” Dr. Paul M. Parker explains. “Breast reduction for men can remove that tissue and give men a much more appealing shape.

In general, plastic surgery for men has increased recently, but in New Jersey, breast reduction for men is especially popular. Some of the best candidates for this type of procedure are healthy and emotionally-stable men of all ages. Whether you are 16 or 60, this may be a viable way for you to gain a more masculine shape. The best predictor of positive outcome is skin elasticity. Patients with poor skin elasticity may require incisions to remove lax skin and  help give the breast a better shape. The overall outcome of gynecomastia  procedures is almost always positive, yielding dramatic results in a short period of time. If you believe you suffer from gynecomastia, New Jersey men can be encouraged by the surgical skill of Dr. Parker and his team of experienced professionals.

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