Breast Implant Revision – New Jersey Patient Meghan Thrilled She Found Dr. Parker

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Everyday for the past five years, Meghan, 23 was in pain on her left side and had trouble raising her left arm completely. Meghan suffered from capsular contraction from breast augmentation surgery she had five years previously. This is a hardening of the lining around the implant. It can be painful and can create an asymmetrical look to your breasts.

Meghan never told anyone, even her parents about her pain. She finally decided to do something about it with encouragement from her boyfriend. He wanted her to at least consult with a few surgeons to learn about what options were available for breast implant revision in New Jersey.

“I was really upset that this happened to me. I felt guilty. I didn’t want to tell my parents because they had paid for the surgery,” said Meghan.

Meghan had called about a dozen doctors in Manhattan, Rockland County and Northern New Jersey. Many of the Manhattan doctors charged astronomical prices and others charged for consultations. Meghan had liked the before and after photos as well as the “look and feel”of the Parker Center website and called for an appointment.

Meghan was scared that she wasn’t ready to see a surgeon yet but felt instantly comfortable when she went to The Parker Center. Everyone was so kind and caring, they made her feel secure. Meeting Dr. Parker, she was confident that she had made the right decision.

“I met Dr. Parker and felt like I didn’t have to look anymore. He made me feel super educated about what I was going through and he clearly explained how he could correct it. When you feel that educated and knowledgeable about the process, you relax,” Meghan stated.

Meghan had her first breast augmentation surgery at age 18 by a famous surgeon in Miami. She felt she was in good hands but now understands that the quality of care she received for breast implant revision, New Jersey located The Parker Center was vastly superior.

The staff at The Parker Center took a lot of time to fully explain the process and list the post-op do’s and don’ts. The Rapid Recovery Program also impressed Meghan. This was going the extra mile that she didn’t see other surgeons doing. She believes that this was a group of medical professionals who truly care about their patients, take pride in what they do and put the best possible work out there.

“In the New York area, you have a lot of choices of doctors. But I felt I got the best care, at a reasonable cost and I built a relationship with the staff at The Parker Center. It’s far beyond anything I could have gotten on Park Avenue. No comparison,” Meghan declared.

It’s been two months since Meghan replaced her saline implants with silicone. She is really happy with the fuller, more natural look and has enjoyed being pain free. Meghan believes when choosing to go for breast implant revision, New Jersey’s Dr. Parker was the best decision she ever made. Seeing her before and after shots, she told Dr. Parker that his work was “magazine worthy.”

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