Breast Augmentation: New Jersey patient Shelby is Thrilled with her Results

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Since she was a teenager, Shelby always wanted to have bigger breasts.  As an avid exerciser, she is very fit and always felt something was missing with her figure.  Never having had surgery, Shelby had only recently decided that a breast augmentation was something she should consider.

“I thought that only celebrities had breast augmentation, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve met more and more everyday people, my age that have had it done.  And they look great!  It’s not like you look at them and the first thing you think is boob job.  They look really natural.  That’s what I wanted,” explained Shelby.

Even as Shelby researched doctors and the procedure on the internet, surgery was something that she still wasn’t sure that she could do.  Shelby had asked a few friends she knew had had the surgery and got recommendations from two different friends for Dr. Parker.

“Getting a recommendation from someone who had successfully had the procedure was very important to me.   I also liked the fact that Dr. Parker had his own surgical center, and that it would all be done in the same place.  And the fact that the consultation was free was a big factor.  I wasn’t sure that I was ready to have surgery so I didn’t want to have to pay a fee to speak to a doctor about it,” Shelby stated.

Shelby came in for consultation and met with Dr. Parker and the staff.  Shelby was still hesitant about the surgery but said that everyone at the Parker Center made her feel comfortable.  The entire process was laid out for her and explained, there were no hidden charges, all of her questions and concerns were addressed and she never felt pressured.

“Every single person in that office helped to make my surgery the wonderful experience that it was.  I cannot imagine anything they could have done that would have made me feel more comfortable and prepared for the surgery.  I received the best care, they exceeded my expectations ten times over,” Shelby exclaimed.

Just five days after her breast augmentation, New Jersey resident Shelby was back at work and three weeks later she was back in the gym.  Shelby says she feels like she didn’t even have surgery.  Even though it’s only been four weeks since her surgery, she feels that the implants are part of her.

Shelby is very excited about the coming summer months and how she’ll be able to wear new swimsuits and tops.  She loves that her new breasts are proportional to her small frame and don’t make her look “too chesty”.

“The breasts that I have now are what my body was always missing.  I love trying on clothes and swimsuits now. I know that that’s how I always should have looked.  I’m beyond thrilled with the results,” said Shelby.

The Parker Center for Plastic Surgery prides itself on providing state of the art surgical techniques along with Dr. Paul Parker’s twenty plus years of experience.  The staff of the Parker Center has an unwavering commitment to delivering the highest level of patient care and satisfaction.

If you’re interested in a natural-looking New Jersey breast augmentation, Dr. Paul M. Parker and the staff at Parker Center for Plastic Surgery invite you to learn more and visit our website at .  To make an appointment for a personal consultation for breast augmentation or any other procedure, please call the office at 201-967-1212 today.

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