Breast Augmentation at Parker Center Restores A Lumpectomy Patient’s Confidence

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

As a wife and mother, Parker Center patient Mary was nervous about her breast augmentation. While most women experience some anxiety before going under the knife, Mary was more nervous about others’ reactions than the procedure itself.

“I’m in my 50s,” Mary explained. “One of my biggest concerns was that I didn’t want people looking at me and saying, ‘What is she doing?’”

Mary was so concerned about others’ reactions that she didn’t mention her decision to many outside her immediate family. She and her husband discussed the procedure in length before she finally decided on it, but they waited until right before the surgery to tell their grown children. After the surgery, Mary’s happy that she decided to keep it private, as it remains her little secret.

“I told very few people, and no one that I didn’t tell has ever noticed,” Mary said.

Six months after the procedure, Mary is happier than ever, feeling comfortable, not only physically but also mentally. Body image was a big motivator for Mary, as several lumpectomies left her self-conscious about the shape of her breasts. One breast was shaped differently than the other, causing Mary to constantly worry about her looks.

“I always had to be careful what clothing I wore, what bathing suit I wore, and I’m a girly girl, you know?” Mary explained. “I like dressing up, so this was a great way to not have to think about it. Now, I can just pull something off the rack without having to say, ‘Can I wear this?’”

The surgery has given Mary her confidence back, transforming her into the healthy and happy mom she was before her medical issues. Now that the surgery is over, she hopes that other women don’t worry about others’ reactions the way she did.

“It was a great decision, and I would encourage someone else to do it. The most important thing is that you do it for yourself and not someone else,” she said.

The “do it for yourself” focus, was something that drew Mary to Dr. Parker. She initially went to a plastic surgeon that a friend recommended and was turned off by the “Hollywood” vibe. Mary was looking for a natural-looking enhancement, and the other patients didn’t seem to share that goal. She was worried that the surgeon wouldn’t be able to give her the subtle makeover she desired and turned to Dr. Parker for assistance.

“I got the impression that Dr. Parker did a lot of surgery for women who, like myself, want to look natural and feel better about themselves, not for public reaction,” Mary explained.

Once she began meeting with Dr. Parker, her initial thoughts were only confirmed. She loved how honest Dr. Parker and the staff were with her and found that they were “focused on the right reasons.” Dr. Parker was compassionate to her needs and patiently answered her questions, making Mary feel extremely comfortable throughout the process. She especially appreciated honesty when it came to sizing. The staff members that helped Mary choose the right size were open and truthful, and she came away trusting them entirely and feeling confident in the decisions they helped her make.

The surgery went smoothly and the whole process moved along exactly as the staff said it would. Now, Mary can wear whatever she likes without having to worry, but no benefit quite compares to her self-esteem boost.

“I feel comfortable and I feel so good about myself. It’s just been a really good experience,” Mary said. “Not for one moment have I ever regretted my decision.”

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