Bergen County Plastic Surgery News: Study finds Divorce, Antidepressants and Weight Fluctuations Add Years to the Face

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While most people think the aging process is solely related to genetics, an interesting study conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) now shows that environmental factors such as stress and weight fluctuations also leave their mark on the face.


We felt it was important to share this study with our Bergen County plastic surgery patients, as it shows people must take active and proactive steps to keep their face looking as young as possible.

This study specifically followed groups of twins that happen to share the same DNA, yet were exposed to different stressors such as divorce, antidepressant use and weight fluctuations.

The following is a snippet from the actual study results:

Results showed that twins who had been divorced appeared nearly 2 years older than their siblings who were married, single or even widowed. Antidepressant use was associated with a significantly older appearance and researchers also found that weight played a major factor too. In those sets of twins who were less than 40 years old, the heavier twin was perceived as being older, while in those groups over 40 years old, the heavier twin appeared younger.

According to Dr. Guyuron, “the presence of stress could be one of the common denominators in those twins who appeared older.” Additionally, researchers suspect that continued relaxation of the facial muscles due to antidepressant use, could account for sagging. And though they do not advocate gaining weight to look younger, researchers note that losing abnormal amounts of weight not only have harmful effects on a person’s health, but on their appearance, too.


And while technology now offers us the ability to fight aging through plastic surgery, it’s important to be proactive and keep life stressors to a minimum for those that truly want to look their best.

However, if the presence of stress is something non-negotiable in your life, it’s also important to take a variety of other steps to ensure your skin stays as elastic and young as possible. This would include drinking a full 6-8 ounces of water a day, taking plenty of vitamins and supplements, avoiding excessive sun exposure and stopping unhealthy habits such as smoking.


Alternatively, if you’re reading this article and think “The damage is done-years of stress and weight problems have aged met dramatically,” realize it’s never too late to get started with Dr. Parker, a Bergen County Plastic Surgeon and member of the ASPS.

There are a variety of techniques, ranging from full-face lifts to Botox treatments that can instantly turn back the hands of time.

So to get started with a consultation with our Bergen County plastic surgeon Dr. Parker, or to find out further information on cosmetic anti-aging procedures, please call (201) 967-1212.

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