Combination Procedures offer Optimal Results

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

team_photo_janet_04.jpgSometimes, combining cosmetic procedures can offer great advantages. Anne initially wanted a facelift, but through consultation with New Jersey Plastic Surgeon Dr. Parker, decided a facelift alone would not meet her expectations, and a necklift combined with a facelift would offer the results she was truly seeking. Though scheduling both surgeries at separate times was an option to consider, Anne, a busy real estate agent, didn’t want the downtime separate surgeries would entail.

Though combining procedures does cut down on some expenses, such as anesthesia fees, Anne still needed some financing help to pay for the entire surgery. After consulting with Angela at the Parker Center, Anne decided on a fixed rate payment plan through CapitalOne plastic surgery financing. New Jersey’s Parker Center offers clear, up front pricing to their clients with no surprise fees. This helped Anne choose a financing option she could afford, and felt great about scheduling her surgery.

Anne is now seeing the results of her face and necklift. She is very happy with the outcome and is glad she was able to have her procedures together. She is grateful to Dr. Parker and the Parker Center staff for their patient consultation on both her medical and financial issues. She admits she loves seeing herself in the mirror now and couldn’t be happier with her surgical results.

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