Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, Atlanta Plastic Surgeon, Leading Authority in Ear Reconstruction Techniques

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Microtia (Latin for “little ear”) is a congenital deformity that can affect one ear or occasionally both. The small bones of the middle ear and the cartilage of the external ear do not fully develop in patients with Microtia. In addition to the physical deformity involving the middle and outer ear with Microtia, there is almost always severe hearing loss as well.

Having a deformity like Microtia is often a psychological problem for a child in addition to the physical challenges. Successful reconstruction surgery can give children and adults with these defects maximum physical, social and emotional functioning with less self-consciousness or self-esteem issues.

There are several methods available for microtia surgery including sculpted rib grafts, artificial ear implants, or plastic glue-on or snap-on ears. The tried and true method of the sculpted rib graft technique, however, has stood the test of time. The rib graft technique has the advantage of using one’s own natural tissue that will grow along with the child and not be rejected by the body. It also will not fall off during sports activities and is less susceptible to the infections that plague artificial ears.

The sculpted rib graft technique has been evolving and improving due to the efforts of surgeons like Dr. Mark Jones. Dr. Jones’ superior training and international experience has allowed him to develop improvements to the best reconstruction standards.

Ear Reconstruction surgery is one of the most challenging surgeries a reconstructive surgeon faces. Most surgeons focus on either the aesthetic or the internal function of the ear often choosing one at the expense of the other. Dr. Jones is a uniquely qualified surgeon with over 20 years of first class education, training and experience in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. He holds double board certification by The American Board of Plastic Surgery and The American Board of Otolaryngology (ear, nose, and throat; ENT). Dr. Jones is nationally recognized for his authority on the outer ear and can perform the outer ear reconstruction without compromising the workings of the middle ear.

This unmatched skill and mastery of both sides of surgery have helped Dr. Jones develop his own proprietary enhancements to rib graft surgery that result in longest-lasting outcomes and minimize the scarring on his patients. Dr. Jones considers each individual patient as a beautiful work of art and creates extraordinary results that look natural and elegant on both the inside and the outside.

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