Anxious about Botox? Our New Laser Skin Treatments in New Jersey offer Anti-Aging Results with Non-Invasive Therapy

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

iStock_000019907734LargeThe fight against lines and wrinkles has now gotten easier thanks to the release of Profusion laser skin treatments.  New Jersey residents with access to this breakthrough technology here at the Beaura Spa are reporting the same firming and anti-aging benefits as Botox, without the pain or side effects commonly associated with the procedure.

How Profusion Works

Profusion is a special tip made for the Isolaz laser, which allows for the penetration of peptides, vitamins and minerals deep into the skin for maximum firming and anti-aging benefits. Best of all, there is no pain, needles or harsh side effects associated with the procedure.

Kim Ashton, Coordinator of our Beaura Day Spa in New Jersey, further explains this process: “Imagine taking an empty plastic bottle and turning it upside down in water.  The bottle would fill instantly.  That’s basically how the vacuum aspect of Profusion works.”

Ashton continues, “When the vacuum sucks the area of the skin to be infused, the cells start to separate and move.  This enables the peptides and anti-aging products to break through the statum corneum–which generally blocks topical creams from penetrating the skin in the first place due to the closeness of the cells.   Once the stratum corneum cells are pulled apart, there is an instant pathway for the penetration these vital materials.”

Dr. Paul M. Parker, Medical Director of the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery and Beaura Spa, adds that the procedure is “Like having a suction cup applied to your face.  It actually infuses peptides into the skin to help plump out the face and reduce some of the fine wrinkling.”

Clearly, for patients unsure of,  or not quite ready for Botox due to the condition of their skin, Profusion laser treatments are a great non-invasive alternative to firm up lines and wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and forehead area.

Profusion offers Non-Invasive Alternative for Wrinkle Reduction

The Beaura Spa (associated with the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery), is currently the only practice offering  Profusion laser skin treatments in New Jersey or the immediate New York City area.   Acquiring this new technology is part of Dr. Parker’s commitment to provide patients with the most non-invasive alternatives for aging and other skin conditions.

“Profusion laser treatments are a promising technology in plumping and firming the skin without needles,” says Parker.  “There is real science behind this procedure and Profusion’s peptides actually penetrate the skin three times more effectively than most topical firming or anti-aging regiments on the market”.

How to Get Started With Profusion Laser Skin Treatments in New Jersey

For further information on the Beaura Spa or Profusion laser skin treatment, New Jersey and NYC residents should call (201) 967-1756 to set up a consultation with one of our experienced aestheticians.


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