Answering Your Questions About the Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser

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Halo-Logo_ColorThe Halo® Hybrid Fractional Laser is an exciting new development in cosmetic laser technology. The device combines two kinds of wavelengths—one that removes damaged outer layers of skin and another that heats up the tissue without destroying it—to provide dramatic improvement without much downtime.

The Halo hybrid laser is especially effective in combating the signs of aging. It reduces fine lines, minimizes pores, and removes many skin discolorations. It also increases skin reflectivity and encourages a healthy glow.

Because Halo is so new, many people are curious about some of the ins and outs of treatment. I put together a list of Halo laser frequently asked questions and answers to help you discover how the Halo laser might help you.

When will I see results after Halo treatment?

Because each Halo treatment is customized to the patient, this may vary. Typically, most patients see the positive benefits within two to five days. This quick turnaround makes Halo a popular option for people who seek noticeable results quickly, with little downtime.

Improvements continue over time and become even more apparent after the first two to three weeks. Dermal regeneration continues even further after that, leaving skin looking refreshed for several months.

What does Halo treatment feel like?

I take several measures to make sure my patients feel comfortable during Halo treatment. A topical anesthetic combined with the device’s integrated cooling technology reduces the feeling of heat during the session.

Some patients report occasional prickling sensations, but most say the treatment is pain-free. I myself have undergone treatment and can say with authority that it’s quite comfortable!

Will Halo reduce pore size?

Halo is one of the first lasers to effectively reduce pore size. It is especially helpful for people who have larger pores due to teenage acne. Enlarged pores are a common complaint for people of all ages. Halo is effective in reducing pore size, as well as wrinkles and discoloration.

Can I combine Halo with other treatments?

Halo can be combined with both surgical procedures and other skin treatments to enhance your results. For instance, having a Halo treatment after facelift surgery can help further improve the appearance of wrinkles and provide a smoother, more youthful complexion.

I have seen beautiful results from combining Halo with non-invasive skin tightening in a treatment we offer here at the Parker Center: The Parker Rejuvenation Lift.

I recommend a waiting period between Halo and other procedures so that both treatments can be as effective as possible. I can work with you to determine the proper sequence and waiting periods for the treatments you’d like to combine.

Will I swell after treatment?

Swelling is likely in the first couple days after treatment. In fact, it’s completely normal. Swelling should recede in 2-3 days and completely subside around day six.

I recommend several techniques to help your body naturally reduce swelling, including sleeping with your head elevated, limiting salt intake immediately following the procedure, and carefully cooling the treated area.

Are there side effects?

Serious side effects from treatment with Halo are rare. Swelling is common, but usually clears completely in less than one week. Patients will see some redness and peeling at first, but skin usually recovers quickly with few long-term side effects after treatment.

What’s the first step to getting Halo?

Now that you have an overview of Halo Hybrid Fractional Lasers, let’s work together to find out if the treatment is right for you.

I offer personal consultations to people seeking cosmetic laser treatments in New Jersey. During our initial meeting, we can discuss the tone and texture of your skin and whether Halo laser treatment would be a good fit for you.

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    • Parker Center for Plastic Surgery says:

      Hi An,

      It’s normal for your skin to be red and tender for the first couple of days, and sweating might not feel great. However, it all depends on your comfort level. Thank you for your question.


      Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

  • Veronica W says:

    Hi I was interested in the Halo laser treatment mainly for enlarged pores. I was wondering if you do consultations over email, I’m from Philadelphia and am unsure on when i’d be able to visit for a consult due to work.

    • Angela says:

      We can do a consult over email for you. Halo treatments work best on hyperpigmentation and fine lines. We have had patients tell us that their pores have improved.

  • Thomas Powell says:

    Halo treatment uses multiple wavelengths. Also, it is capable of adjusting and controlling the intensity of each. Such ability helps the doctor to treat problem areas accurately. The integration of motion tracking technology allows the skin to be treated uniformly. Halo laser treatment is the first hybrid fractional laser. It does not just treat wrinkles, but also provides solution to scarring, enlarged pores, and uneven skin tone. Before taking the treatment, you must be aware of the pros and cons of halo treatment.

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