Annemarie has her own Nose, Minus the Bump

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Annemarie is a single 34-year-old professional woman who has always wanted to have a nose job (rhinoplasty).  She inherited herRhinoplasty New Jersey mother’s nose and always hated how it had two bumps that made it look like knuckles.

Rhinoplasty was the sixth most popular cosmetic surgery in 2011, and over 126,000 of these procedures were performed.  Both men and women seek out rhinoplasty to correct everything from breathing difficulties to improving the contour and size of the nose.

“I have my mom’s nose, and I’ve always hated it.  Every single time I looked in the mirror all I saw was the ugly bump.  I like the way I look, I just didn’t like my nose.  When I was a kid I always hoped my friends would break my nose, so I could get it fixed,” said New Jersey rhinoplasty patient, Annemarie.

Annemarie first saw other plastic surgeons in NJ who did not perform rhinoplasty but explained a lot about the procedure to her and gave her a few websites and information to follow up on.  Annemarie looked at a few websites online, but really liked the Parker Center’s easy-to-navigate site and the large amount of information available.

Annemarie really enjoyed reading the testimonials of other patients and seeing the animations of actual surgical procedures.  She felt like the website gave her a lot of useful information and made her feel more secure about having rhinoplasty.

“Money was really my biggest obstacle to having the rhinoplasty.  I really wanted to have it done but never managed to put enough money away for it.  So I finally thought, ‘How much longer am I going to wait?’ And I decided to finance it,” explained Annemarie.

The staff at the Parker Center helped Annemarie through the financing process and explained the options available to her.  Several types of financing are available so that virtually anyone who is interested in pursuing plastic surgery can afford it.

Having met Dr. Parker and his staff—especially Angela, who answered all of her questions—Annemarie decided to go ahead with the plastic surgery. New Jersey surgeon, Dr. Parker, possessed the experience and qualifications necessary to make her secure in her decision.  Taking two weeks’ vacation from work, Annemarie scheduled her surgery when her sister would be on spring break and could help her.

“I bruise very easily, and I knew I’d be bruised, but I really didn’t have a lot of swelling or pain at all.  In fact, when Dr. Parker took the splint off the following Monday, I could see immediately the improvement in my nose.  It was beautiful,” said Annemarie.

Annemarie had a closed rhinoplasty where the incisions are all made inside of the nose.  Dr. Parker felt he could achieve the look Annemarie wanted and used computer imaging during her consultation to show Annemarie how she would look after plastic surgery.

New Jersey Rhinoplasty

“I’m so very glad I did it.  I love the way my nose looks now.  I was very open about my surgery and told everyone.  I’ve already recommended Dr. Parker to several friends who’ve asked me about it.  I told them it was wonderful.  From the moment I made my appointment to my after surgery lymphatic massages, it was a wonderful experience,” Annemarie exclaimed.

Rhinoplasty at the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery is done under general anesthesia and generally takes between thirty minutes to two hours depending on the complexity.  Patients are released home about an hour after surgery.  Pain is minimal and generally swelling and discoloration subside within 10 days.

To learn more about rhinoplasty, New Jersey residents should visit the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery website at or call our office to schedule a consultation at 201-967-1212.

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