Acne Treatments New Jersey: Isolaz Laser Offers Fast Acne Cure for Brides to Be

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Most women panic at the thought of a breakout on their big day.  This is especially the case for women with a history of acne or facial impurities that have never truly responded to traditional acne medication.  Fortunately, when it comes to acne treatments in New Jersey, the Isolaz Laser offers a real solution for desperate brides to be.
Kim Ashton, New Jersey Spa Customer Service Coordinator
Isolaz laser treatments work by cleansing and purifying the pores from the inside out.  The system is known to be painless, relaxing and up to 7 times more effective than traditional laser treatments.

Furthermore, Isolaz acne treatments are the only system approved by the FDA to treat pustular and comedonal acne, in addition to moderate and acne vulgaris.  The Isolaz laser has also been featured in popular fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Self and Bazzar for its revolutionary approach in the treatment of acne and unwanted body hair.

But the best part is the Beaura Spa’s incredible Isolaz laser package that is specifically designed with luxury in mind.  When undergoing Isolaz acne treatments, New Jersey or NYC brides will enjoy one complimentary session with their package, in addition to a full facial with every visit.

For further information on Isolaz acne treatments New Jersey or to set up an appointment with a licensed aesthetician, call (201) 967-1756.

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