A Significant Advancement in Breast Enlargement: The Keller Funnel™

Making Breast Augmentation Better for You

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The popularity of silicone gel implants has increased significantly over the past several years. At the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery, Dr. Parker inserts silicone gel implants in well over 90% of his breast augmentation patients due to their soft, natural feel and high degree of patient satisfaction.

To better serve our breast enlargement patients, Dr. Parker uses the Keller Funnel to insert silicone gel implants.

The Keller Funnel is a soft, sterile, cone-shaped device made from nylon that makes the placement or insertion of gel implants easier. Studies suggest its use reduces the risks of complications including capsular contracture and the potential for long term implant rupture.

Dr. Parker places the silicone breast implant inside the funnel, and then places the smaller end of the funnel into the prepared breast pocket, and easily squeezes the implant into place.
Dr. Parker reports the following advantages:

  • decreases surgery time
  • reduces the length of necessary incisions
  • lessens trauma to your tissue which helps lead to a more
  • limits local stress on the implant shell, which should further reduce implant rupture rates
  • allows for a no-touch delivery technique, which can reduce biofilms on the implant surface and should lead to a lower rate of capsular contracture

The Keller Funnel can be used for inframammary, periareolar or transaxillary breast augmentation.

If you prefer the soft, natural feel of silicone gel implants, be sure you’ll be getting the advantages of The Keller Funnel by choosing a surgeon experienced in its use.

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