A New Face Forward: Two Rhinoplasty Patients Share Their Stories

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

team_photo_angela_03.jpgTwo of our recent New Jersey Rhinoplasty patients were so thrilled with their results that they have graciously agreed to share their stories with the rest of our New Jersey cosmetic surgery blog readers. Their New Jersey nose job testimonies are detailed below:


Nicole says that she wanted a New Jersey nose job since she was 10 because the bump at the top of her nose made her very self conscious about her appearance. However, she was nervous to actually go through with the procedure because she wanted her nose to appear as natural as possible—just without the bump.

She was compelled to visit the Parker Center though after a friend of hers had some work done and she was impressed with what she saw. So based on her friend’s recommendations, Nicole came in for a consultation.

She didn’t really know what she wanted her nose to look like—but she was very adamant that it needed to look as natural as possible for her to go through with the procedure. That’s when the digital imaging session that is given to all our New Jersey cosmetic surgery patients really gave her the confidence that she could have the nose she always wanted without looking “worked on”.

She actually said, “My nose looked better than the pictures they showed me—which I really didn’t think would be possible because they were so great to begin with!”

Nicole also wanted our patients to know that her recovery “was so good within a week,” and that she was very happy with her New Jersey Rhinoplasty experience with New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Parker and the Parker Center.


Jennifer was gathering information on a New Jersey nose job simply because she broke her nose a few years earlier and it was now crooked and slightly to the left. The injury really bothered Jennifer though, as she hated taking pictures and felt really self-conscious about the way she looked.


So logically, Jennifer met with the NYC doctor that handled her mom’s surgery years before for a consultation.

There was just one problem though. Everyone that left the office seemed to have that same, pointy and thinned out nose that she desperately wanted to avoid.

So desiring a more “natural” look to her face, she made an appointment with the Parker Center after her friend had also come to the facility.

Again, Jennifer was very impressed by the digital imaging session, as she could see for herself exactly what Dr. Parker had in mind for her nose.

She also notes that her recovery was dramatically faster than her mother’s (who used the NYC doctor listed above and also received the same ‘pointy’ nose Jennifer wanted to avoid) due to our process of giving 3 lymphatic drainage massages after every surgical procedure.

She notes that the massages dramatically eliminated her swelling and she was pleasantly surprised at how soon she was back to her normal routine.

All in all, Jennifer was extremely happy with the results of her New Jersey Rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Parker.

If you’d like to find out more information for yourself on New Jersey Rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Parker, please contact us at (201) 967-1212 for a personal consultation.

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