Bergen County Plastic Surgery News: A 79-Year-Old Yoga Instructor’s Experience with Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Paul M. Parker

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

At 79-years-old, New Jersey cosmetic surgery patient and yoga instructor Gloria was ready for a change in her physical-well being.


Admittedly, Gloria was in good shape—but after 3 children, menopause, a shoulder operation and gravity working against her, she realized that having a tummy tuck and breast reduction was the best way to get her health back on track.

Gloria actually chose Bergen County plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul M. Parker, after her daughter (also a fitness instructor) had a tummy tuck and raved of Dr. Parker’s work.

So instead of envying her daughter’s results, she made an appointment to have a tummy procedure herself.

Unfortunately, Gloria got sick the week before her surgery and had to postpone the procedure. However, she had already taken time off from work and Christmas Eve was her last available day to do the surgery.

Needless to say, Gloria was shocked not only that Dr. Parker agreed to perform the surgery on Christmas Eve (because he knew she was using vacation time), but that “two of the most wonderful nurses I have ever encountered were willing to stay with me overnight to make sure I was OK on Christmas.”

It wasn’t long after this wonderful tummy-tuck experience with Dr. Parker and his Bergen County cosmetic surgery team that Gloria decided to come back for a breast reduction.

As noted before, Gloria had a shoulder operation but never experienced relief from the treatment. She then wondered if her breasts (which she said ‘hung to her waist’) had something to do with her pain.

So again, Gloria made an appointment with Dr. Parker for his opinion. She recalls, “I think Dr. Parker was reluctant because of my age, but I wasn’t at all. I know his skill and I just felt so comfortable with their staff. I was completely ready to go during the appointment”.

And again to her surprise, she said the actual New Jersey breast reduction procedure “was a cinch”.

Yet besides seeing her waist line for the first time in years, she also felt better physically. Her shoulder pain gradually disappeared and she can now move her arm in ways she wasn’t able to after the shoulder operation.


She also states that the breast reduction has “Increased my ability to do yoga—especially when it comes to certain postures that were very difficult to do, such as a shoulder stand.”

Finally, Gloria had the following to say to potential patients that may be considering a tummy tuck or liposuction but feel guilty and embarrassed that they were not able to lose the weight through “traditional” means:
“As a yoga instructor, I believe in exercise, but there is some weight that won’t come off no matter what you do. Not to mention the effect childbirth and menopause has on the body. And I really believe that if older people or those who are overweight had some of those extra pounds taken off of them, they would walk better, be less likely to fall and just feel better in general. And if you need a doctor to help you get started, so be it. ”

For further information on breast reduction, tummy tuck, or to schedule a consultation with Bergen County plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul M. Parker, please call (201) 967-1212.

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