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Anxious about Botox? Our New Laser Skin Treatments in New Jersey offer Anti-Aging Results with Non-Invasive Therapy

Posted January 2, 2014 by May 2nd, 2016 The fight against lines and wrinkles has now gotten easier thanks to the release of Profusion laser skin treatments.  New Jersey residents with access to this breakthrough technology here at the Beaura Spa are reporting the same firming and anti-aging benefits as Botox, without the pain or side effects commonly associated with the procedure. How… click to continue reading

Making the Switch to Silicone

Posted December 19, 2013 by May 2nd, 2016 When Jill underwent her first breast augmentation in 1996, she was told her saline implants would probably need to be changed out in five years. Seventeen years later, her implants were still in good shape. Over the past couple years she had started to see some rippling, but nothing that was too noticeable. Despite the… click to continue reading

Doctors Recommend Having Your Rhinoplasty and Genioplasty Simultaneously

Posted August 27, 2013 by September 22nd, 2017 Patients who are interested in undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure, more commonly known as a “nose job”, should consider having genioplasty, more commonly known as a chin augmentation, at the same time, if this is appropriate. Patients should take into consideration how a rhinoplasty will alter their facial harmony, especially in relation to their chin. Dr.… click to continue reading

Gynecomastia Affects Everyday Men and Celebrities Alike

Posted November 20, 2012 by September 22nd, 2017 While most celebrities go to great lengths to hide their cosmetic surgery procedures, some celebrities are quite open and frank. A celebrity who doesn’t hide his cosmetic procedure is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who elected to have a gynecomastia procedure done. A former professional wrestler and modern-day movie star, Dwayne Johnson has appeared in films… click to continue reading