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Realistic 3D Computer Imaging

See the look you’ve dreamed of before you schedule surgery

VECTRA-xt logo-light blue-RGBWould it help make your decisions about cosmetic surgery easier if you could see the possible results first? We think so too. At the Parker Center, your consultation includes a one-on-one computer imaging session, which is now better than ever, thanks to our new Vectra 3D Imaging system.

A few of the things we can help you do using Vectra 3D imaging:

  • Experiment with different looks to see what you like best.
  • Compare your possible breast augmentation results using 3D images of your actual breast implant choices.
  • See how your body contours can change with liposuction or fat grafting.
  • Preview your facial rejuvenation treatments—including surgery, injectables & skin resurfacing.
  • View your skin in detail so you can better understand your treatment options.
  • Get a feel for how combining procedures can enhance your results, so you can choose what’s best for you.

A 360º perspective of the possible results

See your new body in 3D - Sculpt My Dream

Try our Breast Augmentation Simulator

There is no real substitute for seeing your own face or body as it might be after cosmetic surgery. When we take your “before” photographs, we can capture your image in 3D, helping you to see what you might look like from any angle. We’ll show you precise simulations of all the different options you have, including multiple procedure options, different shapes and sizes, and even the results of injectables or skincare treatments.

The Vectra 3D also allows us to superimpose your possible “after” photos onto your current photographs, so you can better see the difference cosmetic surgery might make. While the Vectra is an amazing consultation tool, what we really love about it is that it helps our patients clarify their goals with Dr. Parker, helping them get just the results they are expecting.

Preview your new look at a consultation

Whether you are looking to enhance your breasts, body, face or skin, we’ll help you envision your results with computer imaging, a regular part of your consultation with Dr. Parker. Contact us today to get started!