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Written Testimonials from Facial Patients

“Dear Dr. Parker,

Since I had my eyelid surgery, I have started wearing contact lenses. I always wanted to wear them, but had a hard time being fitted because my eyelids, particularly on the right side, drooped so much it was difficult to get a good, comfortable fit. Since the surgery, the contacts fit great and look great! People I don’t know tell me what great eyes I have! When I look in the mirror, I still can’t believe that I waited so long!”

“Upon entering the Parker Center for my initial consultation, I immediately felt comfortable and confident in pursuing a Rhinoplasty procedure. The staff provided a full explanation with computer-generated photos. Their attention to detail, compassionate disposition, and thorough instruction provided an excellent experience. As a Guidance Counselor in a large school district, I felt very comfortable returning to work two weeks later. Following the prescribed pre- and post-surgery directions insured a speedy recovery. I am beyond pleased with my results.”

“Dear Dr. Parker,

I would like to thank you for the wonderful job you did on my face. Having a facelift, a nasoplasty, a blepharoplasty, and a brow lift done at the same time was definitely not an easy job.

Being a doctor, I know a lot about these procedures, and I also know a couple of very good plastic surgeons whom I could have chosen to do them. Choosing you was therefore not an easy decision for me, but the results show that I wasn’t wrong.

Also, an important factor in my decision was the professionalism of your staff and the fact that you have skin therapists in your clinic and excellent skin products.

Finally, Surgiplex is a very modern, well equipped facility where good quality, safe intra- and post-operative care can be provided. Considering all of the above, I have no reserve in recommending you to any person interested in having plastic surgery.”

“Dr. Parker…

Thank you again for helping me look my best for my daughter’s wedding. The entire groom’s side and some of the people from my side ‘who knew me’ thought I was one of the bridesmaids. They didn’t realize I was the mother-of-the-bride until the priest called the mothers up to the altar to light the candles. I received so many compliments on my appearance, and, of course, your work was a major and contributing factor. Thank you again for your expertise.”

“Dear Dr. Parker,

After spending about 18 months contacting and researching different cosmetic facilities in New York, New Jersey, and Manhattan, I have to admit I was totally confused, not sure which way to turn. I happened to mention this to a friend of mine. I asked him, ‘If your wife was thinking of having cosmetic surgery, is there any one doctor you would recommend?’ Without a second thought, he said, ‘Dr. Parker at the Center.’ After my first meeting at your office with Christine and yourself, my decision was made for me. I would like to say that your whole staff are a very caring and professional group and go beyond helpful. I could not be more pleased with the results; friends and relatives alike look at me and say, ‘You look like you have been on a very long and relaxing holiday.’ If asked, I would recommend your facility without hesitation, and have done so. Thank you so very much for everything.”

“At the age of 36, I was diagnosed with a basal cell on the side of my nose and was told that I would need Moh’s surgery followed by reconstruction. I was absolutely terrified that after the procedure, my nose would be crooked and/or deformed. Six months after the procedure, I am left with nothing more than a light scar that is easily covered with makeup. I am so appreciative of the excellent job Dr. Parker did.”

“Dear Angela:

I have been wanting to write to all of you at the Center since my surgery, because it is very important to me to tell you how pleased I am with EVERYTHING about my experience and how grateful I am to all of you for your attention and your concern. I don’t have to tell you how I feel about Dr. Parker. There are so many applicable adjectives, where do I begin? Brilliant is the most obvious, of course, but far more important is his caring and compassionate nature. I know how very busy you all are, so I find it very touching that Dr. Parker is so generous with his time. I have never left his office with unanswered questions. I have always left comfortable and assured about all my concerns and satisfied with the answers Dr. Parker has provided. He has always been so attentive to my needs, and I am so grateful for the time and attention he has devoted to my needs.

I don’t know how he does it, Angela. He is so busy, such an excellent surgeon, so concerned about his patients, yet he is always so pleasant, and so cheerful! I am so lucky to have chosen Dr. Parker, and I look forward to a few more procedures. As I’ve told my husband, ‘I’m starting from the top,’ and I can also say that I chose from the top when I chose my surgeon! I look forward to seeing you again and to my future with the Center. I thank you for your care and concern and for making my experience so positive!! See you soon!”