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Plastic Surgeon New Jersey – Your Consultation

Scheduling your Consultation at the Parker Center in Paramus, New Jersey

With your first phone call to the Parker Center, you will be introduced to one of our Patient Care Coordinators. She will facilitate your consultation appointment with Dr. Parker and arrange a convenient time that fits with your schedule. Dr. Parker consults with new patients Monday-Thursday from 1pm-6pm.

After arranging your appointment, our Coordinator will send you educational material about the procedure you are seeking. In addition, she will send registration information to save you time when you are here. We ask that you bring your completed registration forms to our office the day of your consultation.

We recommend that you prepare for your consultation. Download our helpful checklist for comparing providers.

Your Consultation

As you enter the Parker Center, you will be greeted by one of our friendly receptionists. Plan to spend between 45 minutes to one hour in our office—we believe in fully educating our patients about the surgery they are considering.

Part 1: Meeting our Nurse Coordinator

First you will meet Angela, our Nurse Coordinator. She will be your primary contact person throughout your surgical journey here at the Parker Center, coordinating all of your care from beginning to completion of your recovery. Angela is a Registered Nurse with over 24 years of experience, 19 of them working with Dr. Parker.

Part 2: Your Personal Consultation with Dr. Parker

Angela will bring you into an examination room where you will meet with Dr. Parker. After spending a few minutes getting to know you, he will want to hear from you how he can help you. He will then perform a physical examination to correlate your concerns with your physical findings. Dr. Parker will then discuss options for treatment including a detailed description of the surgical procedure you are considering. He will also discuss with you important concerns to him, such as our Rapid Recovery Program and the Culture of Safety we observe here at the Parker Center and in Surgiplex, our onsite fully certified ambulatory surgical facility designed by Dr. Parker.

Part 3: Photos and Imaging

After meeting with Dr. Parker, Angela will escort you into our Photo Room to meet with our expert photo imager Liz. She will first take color digital photos of you. An expert in Computer Imaging with over 17 years of experience, Liz will make changes to your pictures, under the direction of Dr. Parker, to give you an idea what you will look like after surgery. These images visually convey Dr. Parker’s treatment plan and serve as a great communication tool for you and Dr. Parker. In fact, Dr. Parker reviews these images the night before surgery, brings them to the operating room and uses them as an artist does sketches while sculpturing.

Liz will also show you many before and after photographs of patients who have previously undergone the procedure you are considering.

Part 4: Wrapping Up with Our Patient Coordinator

At the end of your consultation, you will meet with our Patient Coordinator, Michelle. She will provide you with a written fee proposal for the procedures you are considering. The quote includes the surgeon’s fee, anesthesiologist’s fee and surgical facility fee. In addition, options for patient financing will be discussed, if desired.

If you are ready to schedule your procedure, Michelle will review our surgical schedule with you to coordinate a mutually agreeable date. She will arrange a Preoperative Education Session for you. In that meeting, she will review a booklet of information prepared specifically for you. It discusses what to do in preparation for surgery and what to expect afterwards.

Touring our Facility

Before leaving, we encourage you to tour our entire facility. Visit our fully accredited operating suite Surgiplex and our onsite medical spa, Parker Center Medi-Spa. You will see why the Parker Center is known as a professional yet comfortable facility.

Planning on Comparing us with Others?

We understand that you may wish to compare us with other providers. It is important to feel comfortable with a plastic surgeon and their staff before having a procedure. We offer this checklist to help you more easily compare the qualifications of the facility, surgeon, staff, and services of any providers you may interview.