Brow Lift for Men in New Jersey

The brow area of the face consists of the eyebrow and forehead region. This area is important because it conveys a lot of emotion through your facial expressions. Although you probably don’t think about it, you move your eyebrows and crinkle your forehead when you are laughing, surprised or even confused. Unfortunately, with age, the skin and fat on the forehead can begin to sag, forming deep creases and descending over the upper eyelids.

While the aging and lines formed around the brow area are a natural process, it can hinder your ability to accurately express yourself and cause a loss of aesthetics in the face. Sagging brows can make you appear tired or angry when you’re not. Or, if it has happened prematurely, a sagging brow can make you appear much older than you are.

If you have a sagging brow and would like to appear youthful and more energized, an endoscopic brow lift might be a great option for you.

The Surgery

During the procedure, three small incisions are made hidden within the hair. The incisions are used to lift three major areas of the face:

  • The eyebrows
  • “Hooding” of the upper eyelid skin
  • The forehead

Dr. Parker uses an endoscope, a small illuminated optic instrument that allows him to look under the skin, to guide his movements during the process. This allows for smaller incisions and faster healing time overall.

Brow Lift procedures at Parker Center for Plastic Surgery are commonly combined with Facelift, eyelid rejuvenation, or chin augmentation. It is performed under general anesthesia and patients are usually discharged an hour after completing surgery.


  • There should be very little postoperative pain.
  • You can shower and shampoo their hair two days after surgery.
  • Sutures and clips are removed within ten days.
  • Typical swelling and discoloration will subside within 10 to 14 days.
  • You may return to normal activities in seven to 10 days and exercise in two weeks.