Rhinoplasty & Chin Implant Patient 36**

Procedures: Rhinoplasty, Cheek/Chin Implants Age: 28 Skin Tone: Medium Ethnicity: Hispanic

About This Patient

This 28 year old Hispanic patient requested Dr. Parker to improve the appearance of her nose. She broke it several years ago with blunt trauma. The patient said she did not like her dorsal hump, broad tip, excessively wide base of the nose and retracted columella. Dr. Parker reviewed these concerns with the patient during her initial consultation and discussed an open rhinoplasty to address them. He also gently pointed out the patient’s relatively weak chin and discussed inserting a chin implant to help build this out. This would not only make the chin look better but would compliment the changes with the patient’s nose. The patient was then shown with computer imaging what the changes to her nose and chin should look like. She liked this preview and proceeded with surgery several weeks later. During the surgical procedure, Dr. Parker did the following: reduced the patient’s bony cartilaginous hump and performed infractures, refined her bulbous nasal tip, reduced her nasal base with alar base resections, corrected her retracted columella and inserted a #3 extended anatomic chin implant. The patient’s recovery from surgery was rapid and painless. She is very happy with the natural-looking, improved appearance of her nose and chin as well as the better facial harmony they provide.