Rhinoplasty & Chin Implant Patient 34**

Procedures: Rhinoplasty, Cheek/Chin Implants Age: 34 Skin Tone: Medium Ethnicity: Hispanic

About This Patient

This 34 year old Hispanic patient requested that Dr. Parker improve the appearance of her nose. Specifically, she was bothered by her dorsal “hump” and “broad tip”. During the patient’s consultation, Dr. Parker discussed how he could perform an open rhinoplasty to improve the appearance of the patient’s nose. He also tactfully suggested that inserting a chin implant would help to build out her weak chin. Dr. Parker explained that a chin implant would complement the adjustments being made to the nose and help achieve better facial balance. The patient agreed with the plan. Dr. Parker subsequently performed an open rhinoplasty, reducing the bony-cartilaginous hump, as well as refining and setting back the patient’s bulbous nasal tip. Dr. Parker then inserted a #3 solid silicone extended anatomic chin implant through a small submental incision. The patient enjoyed a quick, painless recovery. She is thrilled with the appearance of her nose, chin and improved facial harmony.