Removal & Replacement of Implants Patient 13**

Procedures: Implant Deflation/Rupture Repair, Implant Exchange w/ Breast Lift, Implant Size Change Age: 59 Weight: 105 Height: 5' 4" Skin Tone: Light Incision Site: Vertical Implant type: Silicone Cup Size Before: C Cup Size After: D Volume (L): 500 Volume (R): 500

About This Patient

This 59 year old patient, referred to Dr. Parker by her dermatologist, sustained the spontaneous deflation of her right breast implant several weeks prior to her initial visit to Dr. Parker. After a lengthy discussion of various options, the patient elected to remove her existing 375 cc saline, subglandular implants and replace them with 500 cc silicone implants inserted in a partial submuscular position. In addition, Dr. Parker performed a vertical mastopexy to lift the breasts into a more natural position. Following her recovery, the patient and her husband were very pleased with the appearance of her breasts.