Removal & Replacement of Implants Patient 5**

Procedures: Implant Size Change, Implant Exchange w/ Breast Lift, Breast Lift Age: 46 Weight: 145 Height: 5' 8" Skin Tone: Light, Medium Incision Site: Periareolar Implant type: Silicone Cup Size Before: D Cup Size After: C Volume (L): 325 Volume (R): 325

About This Patient

This 46 year old patient, referred by another patient to Dr. Parker, requested removal and replacement of her breast implants. She had 360 cc saline implants inserted 15 years ago in California. She has always thought they were too large and asked that they be replaced with smaller silicone implants along with a breast lift. Just prior to surgery, Dr. Parker deflated the patient’s saline implants under local anesthesia. A Sizing Session was then performed and she selected 325 cc silicone implants. At the time of surgery, using periareolar incisions, Dr. Parker removed the patient’s implants, performed a capsulorraphy to reduce the size of the implant pocket to accommodate the smaller 325 cc silicone implants, which were then inserted. The patient was sat upright on the operating table and a periareolar mastopexy performed to elevate the nipple areolar complexes into a better position on the breasts. The patient enjoyed a pain free recovery and was back to the normal activities of daily living within several days. She loves her smaller, more proportional and better shaped breasts.