Removal & Replacement of Implants 51**

Procedures: Capsular Contracture Correction, Implant Deflation/Rupture Repair, Implant Size Change, Implant Exchange w/ Breast Lift, Implant Malposition Correction Age: 50 Weight: 127 Height: 5' 6" Skin Tone: Medium Implant type: Silicone Volume (L): 225 Volume (R): 200

About This Patient

This 50 year old patient asked Dr Parker to improve the appearance of her breasts. Twenty five years ago, she had undergone partial submuscular silicone breast augmentation elsewhere increasing her breast size from A to C cup. She does not remember what size implants were inserted. Over time, the patient reported, her implants have become hard and ridden upward. She would like to have implants replaced with implants ~ 2/3 the size of what she currently has, asks for them to be softer, better positioned and the nipple–areolar complexes made more symmetric. The patient is 5’6″ tall and weighs 127 pounds. Dr Parker removed both existing implants which he found to be ruptured: the implant on the right side was 250 cc and 350 cc on the left. Dr Parker created new neopectoral pockets in both breasts, then inserted a 200 cc silicone implant in the right breast and 225 cc silicone implant in the left breast. He then performed a peri areolar mastopexy on the right breast to lift the right nipple areolar complex to the same height as the left side. The patient said her recovery was quick and easy. She loves her smaller, natural looking, very soft, symmetric breasts.