Male Liposuction Patient 2**

Procedures: Abdominal Liposuction, Flanks Liposuction Age: 46 Skin Tone: Medium

About This Patient

This 46 year old requested improvement in the appearance of his abdomen and flanks with SAFE liposuction. After examining the patient, Dr Parker pointed out to him that his improvement of his abdomen would be limited; the patient’s abdominal fat was divided between an intra abdominal and extra abdominal component. The extra abdominal portion could be removed with SAFE liposuction. The intra abdominal portion was located deep within the abdominal cavity where liposuction was not safe or feasible. The flanks were predicted to have a nice improvement by Dr Parker. SAFE liposuction was performed on both the flanks and extra abdominal fat. The patient recovered very quickly after his procedure. He was very happy with the appearance of his abdomen and flanks.