Male Liposuction Patient 12**

Procedures: Abdominal Liposuction, Flanks Liposuction Age: 42 Weight: 170 Height: 5' 8" Skin Tone: Medium

About This Patient

This 42 year old patient was referred to Dr. Parker by his wife, who is also a patient of Dr Parker. He requested improvement in the fullness of his central and lower abdomen, his flanks and the crease above his flanks. The patient is an insulin dependent diabetic, well controlled on an infusion pump. He works out religiously and says he is in great shape. The patient is 5’8″ tall and weighs 170 pounds. Prior to performing liposuction on this patient, Dr Parker and his team of anesthesiologists, conferred with the patient’s primary medical physician to be sure the procedure was performed safely. During the procedure, Parker used the VASER liposuction system to emulsify and remove fat from the abdomen and flanks. He removed 150 cc of fat from the abdomen and 200 cc of fat from each flank. Dr Parker then released the fascial attachments between the back and flanks followed by the injection of 20 cc of fat into these areas to soften the creases. The patient’s procedure and recovery both went very smoothly. He is very happy with the improved contour and definition of his abdomen and flanks.