Liposuction Patient 13**

Procedures: Breast Reduction, Hip Liposuction, Knee Liposuction, Thigh Liposuction Age: 40 Skin Tone: Light Breast tissue removed (L): 515 Breast tissue removed (R): 535

About This Patient

This 40 year old, referred to Dr. Parker by her primary care physician, presented with concerns about her large, drooping breasts and excess fat in her hips and thighs. Dr. Parker performed a central pedicle breast reduction, removing 535 grams of tissue from the right breast and 515 grams from the left. He removed the following amounts of fat with VASER liposuction: inner thighs-375 cc each side, outer thighs-450 cc each side, hips-750cc each side and knees-125cc each side. The patient returned to exercise shortly after the surgery and was delighted in her smaller, better shaped breasts and sculpted hips and thighs.