Gynecomastia Reduction Patient 36**

Procedures: Gynecomastia Liposuction Age: 63 Skin Tone: Light, Medium Breast tissue removed (L): 225 Breast tissue removed (R): 200

About This Patient

This 63 year old requested improvement in the appearance of his enlarged breasts. He said they have been like this for as long as he can remember. His motivation for surgery was watching his father, who has had the same condition, age. As he father aged, his breasts became very pendulous and this patient wished to avoid the same happening to him. Dr. Parker treated the patient with VASER liposuction to melt and removed the excess fatty tissue from his breasts. He also used it to help bring about skin contraction and avoid sagging skin. Dr. Parker removed 200 cc of fat from the right breast and 225 cc of fat from the left. The patient recovered quickly after surgery. His skin contracted nicely to conform to the shape created by fat removal from the breasts. The patient is very happy with the normal contour of his breasts after surgery.