Gynecomastia Reduction Patient 17**

Procedures: Chest Lift Age: 38 Skin Tone: Dark Ethnicity: African American Breast tissue removed (L): 1060 Breast tissue removed (R): 1030 LBS. lost before surgery: 30

About This Patient

This 38 year old African American patient presented to Dr. Parker with concern about his sagging breasts. He lost 30 pounds with diet and exercise recently and this compounded his situation. The patient felt he was now at a realistic weight for himself. Dr. Parker treated the patient with a combination of SAFE liposuction along with a cirmcumvertical mastopexy to remove fat, breast tissue, and the large amount of redundant skin. Using this technique, Dr. Parker removed 1060 grams of fat and breast tissue from the left breast and 1030 grams from the right breast. The incisions were designed as a lollipop type incision to minimize visible scarring. The patient experienced a pain free, quick recovery. The patient returned to his activities, including going to the gym, in a relatively short time. He is thrilled with his appearance and the virtually unnoticeable scars. He is motivated to lose more weight and has requested a tummy tuck from Dr. Parker at some point in the future.