Gynecomastia Reduction Patient 16**

Procedures: Gynecomastia Liposuction Age: 16 Weight: 200 Height: 6' 0" Skin Tone: Light Breast tissue removed (L): 400 Breast tissue removed (R): 400

About This Patient

This 16 year old was referred by his endocrinologist to Dr. Parker for surgery after a negative hormonal workup. His breasts enlarged during puberty and have remained this way despite fluctuations in weight. He is 6 feet tall and weighs 220 pounds. After examining the patient, Dr. Parker recommended SAFE liposuction to treat this patient’s gynecomastia. Because of the patient’s good skin tone, Dr. Parker felt confident that his skin would contract without the need for skin removal. At surgery, Dr. Parker removed 400 cc of fat from each breast with SAFE liposuction. The patient had little pain after surgery. His skin contracted over several months giving him a markedly improved, natural appearing chest. The patient is very happy with his result and spent a good bit of the summer shirtless at the beach.