Facelift Patient 11**

Procedures: Facelift with Neck Lift, Cheek/Chin Implants Age: 48 Skin Tone: Light

About This Patient

This 48 year old woman came to Dr. Parker requesting liposuction of her neck. She felt that her inherited sagging neck trait had been getting worse in recent years. The patient’s weight is stable. Dr. Parker reviewed treatment options with the patient and her husband. He recommended against liposuction of the patient’s neck due to poor skin tone. He discussed with them the option of a neck lift alone or in conjunction with a facelift. They opted for the latter. Dr. Parker also recommended a chin implant be inserted at the same time to help create better facial balance as well as a stronger, cleaner jaw line. Computer imaging helped the patient understand what these different options would do for her and helped her make an informed decision. Following surgery, where Dr. Parker performed a full facelift and inserted a chin implant, the patient enjoyed a quick recovery. She is very pleased with the rejuvenated appearance of her face and neck.