Chin Implant Patient 11**

Procedures: Cheek/Chin Implants Age: 20 Skin Tone: Light, Medium

About This Patient

This 20 year old, referred by another patient to Dr. Parker, was bothered by her recessed chin. She said it had developed that way without any history of trauma. The patient asked Dr. Parker to make it look more normal with a more defined profile using a chin implant. She had briefly considered orthognathic surgery, to advance the chin bone forward, at one point in time but did not want a procedure that involved. Using a small incision just beneath the chin, Dr. Parker inserted a #4(large) extended anatomic chin implant to build out the patient’s chin. The patient experienced no pain postoperatively. Swelling and bruising resolved in short order. She is very pleased with the appearance of her more normal appearing chin and improved facial balance.