Breast Reduction Patient 17**

Procedures: Breast Reduction Age: 37 Weight: 210 Height: 5' 6" Skin Tone: Dark Ethnicity: African American Cup Size Before: DD Cup Size After: C Breast tissue removed (L): 1218 Breast tissue removed (R): 1192

About This Patient

This 37 year old African American patient, referred to Dr. Parker by her gynecologist, was bothered by the size of her very large breasts. She wore a DD cup bra and requested reduction to a C cup. She is 5′6″ tall and weighs 210 lbs. Attempts at weight loss were unsuccessful. Dr. Parker performed a central pedicle breast reduction, removing 1192 gms from the right side and 1218 gms from the left. The patient healed quickly and well. She was very pleased with the postoperative appearance of her breasts and was motivated to begin an aggressive weight loss program.