Breast Lift with Implants Patient 6**

Procedures: Breast Lift with Implants Age: 32 Weight: 140 Height: 5' 4" Skin Tone: Dark Ethnicity: African American Incision Site: Periareolar Implant type: Saline Cup Size Before: B Cup Size After: C Volume (L): 300 Volume (R): 325 LBS. lost before surgery: 60

About This Patient

This 32 year old African American patient lost 60 pounds over several months with diet and exercise. She complained to Dr. Parker about her loss of breast volume and sagging of her breasts. The patient is 5’4″ tall and weighs 140 pounds. After reviewing all options with Dr. Parker, the patient elected to undergo breast augmentation along with a periareolar mastopexy. During her Sizing Session, the patient selected 325 cc and 300 cc saline implants, respectively, for the right and left sides. During surgery, Dr. Parker first inserted these implants into a partial submuscular location to restore breast volume. He then lifted the breasts to achieve a more youthful shape with the periareolar mastopexy. Liposuction of the armpit area, otherwise known as the tail of the breast, was performed as well to help shape the breast further. The patient enjoyed a smooth and quick recovery. She loves her improved breast size and shape. Her incisions are not perceptible.