Breast Lift with Implants Patient 18 (Correction of Tuberous Breasts)**

Procedures: Breast Lift with Implants, Breast Asymmetry, Correction of Tubular Breasts Age: 27 Skin Tone: Medium, Dark Ethnicity: African American Implant type: Silicone Cup Size Before: B Cup Size After: C Volume (L): 350 Volume (R): 400

About This Patient

This 27 year old African American patient was referred to Dr. Parker by her mother, also a patient of Dr. Parker. She was concerned by the small size of her breasts. Currently, she is a small B cup and would like to be a full C cup. Additionally, she has had difficulty with clothing due to the unusual shape of her breasts. Dr. Parker pointed out to the patient that her breasts are what are known as “tuberous breasts”, that is constricted by fibrous bands which cause the breast tissue and areola to herniate forward with a high, tight inframammary fold. He recommended and performed surgery whereby he reduced the size of the areola, released the constricting bands to lower the inframammary fold and inserted a silicone breast implant to provide better shape to the breast. Implant size was decided during a pre operative Sizing Session. Due to the pre existing asymmetry of her breasts, Dr. Parker inserted a 350cc implant into the left(larger) breast and 400cc into the right breast. The patient recovered quickly with little pain from her procedure. She loves the improved appearance of her breasts. Shopping for clothing is much easier and she feels much more self confident.