Breast Lift with Implants Patient 43**

Procedures: Breast Lift with Implants Age: 32 Weight: 130 Height: 5' 5" Skin Tone: Dark Ethnicity: African American Implant type: Silicone Volume (L): 525 Volume (R): 525

About This Patient

This 32 year old came in requesting improvement in the appearance of her breasts. She had 525 cc subglandular saline implants inserted 12 years ago. Over time, her breasts have sagged. She asked Dr. Parker to exchange her current implants for the same size silicone implants in a partial submuscular placement. She also wanted to have her breasts lifted higher on her chest. She is 5′ 5″ and came in weighing 130 pounds. At surgery, Dr. Parker removed her saline implants, closed the subglandular pocket with sutures, inserted 525 cc silicone implants into a partial submuscular location and performed a circumvertical or “lollipop” lift. The patient’s recovery was unremarkable. She loves the look and feel of her breasts and is very pleased with how her scars have healed.