Breast Lift with Auto-Augmentation Patient 6**

Procedures: Breast Lift with Auto Aug, Axillary Breast Liposuction Age: 57 Weight: 122 Height: 5' 2" Skin Tone: Very Light Incision Site: Vertical Cup Size Before: D Cup Size After: C Breast tissue removed (L): 25 Breast tissue removed (R): 55

About This Patient

This 57 year old existing patient asked Dr. Parker to improve the appearance of her breasts. Over time, she said her breasts had enlarged and sagged. The patient requested her very asymmetric C/ D cup breasts be made large B/small C cup size and uplifted with more fullness in the upper pole but did not want breast implants. In addition, she asked to have the fullness in the tail of her breasts reduced. The patient is 5’2″ and weighs 122 pounds. Dr. Parker removed a small amount of breast tissue to reduce the size of both breasts and transferred breast tissue from the lower pole of both to the upper pole, called autoaugmentation. He then lifted the breasts with a lollipop lift or vertical mastopexy. In addition, he performed liposuction on the tail of the breast, removing 50 cc of fat from the fuller right side and 25 cc of fat from the left. The patient enjoyed a quick and easy recovery. She is very happy with the markedly improved appearance of her breasts.