Breast Lift with Augmentation 51**

Procedures: Breast Lift with Implants, Axillary Breast Liposuction Age: 41 Weight: 170 Height: 5' 4" Skin Tone: Medium Incision Site: Vertical Implant type: Silicone Cup Size Before: D Volume (L): 200 Volume (R): 200 Breast tissue removed (R): 180

About This Patient

This 41 year old came to see Dr. Parker about her breasts which have sagged over time. She requested him to make her breasts more symmetric, perkier and uplifted. In addition, she asked him to address the asymmetric fullness in her upper breasts adjacent to her arm pit–this is known as the tail of the breast. The patient is 5’4″ tall and weighs 170 pounds. She currently wears a 38 D bra. Dr. Parker reviewed options for treatment with the patient. They agreed upon and he subsequently performed the following procedures: he removed 180 grams of tissue from the lower aspect of the larger right breast, inserted 200 cc silicone implants into both breasts and performed a lollipop lift in order to position them higher up on the chest. Finally, he performed liposuction of the tail of the breast, removing 80 cc of fat from the right side and 50 cc of fat from the left. The patient recovered quickly from these procedures. She is pleased with the improved appearance of her breasts.