Breast Enlargement (Augmentation) Patient 10**

Procedures: Breast Augmentation, Mommy Makeover, Hip Liposuction, The Parker Tummy Tuck, Thigh Liposuction Age: 39 Weight: 159 Height: 5' 7" Children: Yes Skin Tone: Light, Medium Incision Site: Inframammary Implant type: Saline Cup Size Before: B Cup Size After: D Volume (L): 420 Volume (R): 420

About This Patient

This 39 year old, referred to Dr. Parker by another patient, requested restoration of the breast volume she once had prior to the birth of her children. The patient is 5’7″ and weighs 159 lbs. Dr. Parker performed breast augmentation, inserting 420 cc saline implants into a partial submuscular position through a peri-areolar approach. The patient recovered quickly from her procedure.

Several months later, she then requested rejuvenation of her abdomen, hips and thighs. Dr. Parker performed lipoabdominoplasty as well as VASER liposuction of the hips, outer and inner thighs. Following surgery, the patient returned to normal daily activities within 10 days. She was delighted with her markedly improved appearance. She has returned to the gym, working out regularly and is in the best shape she has been in many years. The patient feels wonderful about the way she looks and feels.