Computer Imaging at the Parker Center

Your Computer Imaging Session

Helping you picture what’s possible

Seeing what’s possible for your unique anatomy can be extremely helpful when you’re deciding about plastic surgery. Computer imaging makes it easier for you to understand what you might expect from different procedure options.

Our imaging expert, Liz, will take pictures of you and  make precise changes on-screen, under Dr. Parker’s direction. This will to give you an idea what you will look like after surgery.

Our Vectra 3D Imaging System

Using Vectra 3D technology, we can rotate your images, showing you multiple angles or even multiple procedures in realistic detail, so you can better see the difference cosmetic surgery might make.

These images visually convey Dr. Parker’s treatment plan for you and serve as a great communication tool. In fact, Dr. Parker reviews these images before surgery, brings them to the operating room and uses them as an artist does sketches while sculpturing.

Below you can view some “before & after” photos generated with computer imaging. Click on a patient to see the computer simulations right beside the before & afters of their actual results. You may be surprised at how similar the two set of photos are!