Hand Lift New Jersey

When we think about what we can do to look more youthful, we typically think first about our facial appearance. But when you greet a colleague, client or friend? You shake hands. Hands that look and feel healthy and smooth can mean as much to your appearance as a youthful face.

Fat Grafting for Hand Rejuvenation

As we grow older, the top of the hand, also known as the dorsum, shows its age more often than patients like. In particular, the skin develops wrinkles and “age spots”. The fatty layer beneath the skin loses volume. These changes can make a patient feel self-conscious about the aged appearance of their hands.

A hand lift procedure can achieve lasting improvements that look and feel completely natural. This involves fat harvested using tiny cannulas, usually from the abdomen, purified and then injected into the dorsum of the hands.

Before & After Hand Rejuvenation*

New Jersey hand lift

    before                                                  after

This 63 year old patient had recently undergone a blepharoplasty and facelift by Dr. Parker and wished to have her hands look as rejuvenated as her face. Fat was removed from her abdomen and meticulously injected into the dorsum of both hands. The patient recovered rapidly and was delighted with the more youthful appearance of her hands.

Hand Lift Surgery and Recovery

A hand lift is performed under local anesthesia or intravenous sedation in about one hour. Patients leave our facility shortly afterwards and usually recover rapidly. There is very little postoperative pain. Light activities can be started within a day or two following surgery. All sutures dissolve. Within two to three weeks, our clinicians at the Parker Center Medi-Spa apply special creams nightly for several weeks to remove the age spots, completing the hand rejuvenation.