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PRP Hair Restoration New Jersey

Slow or even reverse hair loss with Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM), the “next generation PRP” treatment for hair growth

Hair loss is a normal part of the aging process for men and for many women—but that doesn’t make it any easier to experience. If you are bothered by thinning hair, you have options to restore a fuller, more youthful hairline.

PRFM, or platelet-rich fibrin matrix, injections offer an effective, natural, and non-surgical option to slow or even reverse early stages of hair loss. A series of just four to six 30-minute treatments can help you regain fuller, thicker natural hair in thinning areas without surgery or downtime.

What is PRFM?

PRFM stands for “platelet-rich fibrin matrix.” It is very similar to another treatment you have likely heard of: PRP, or platelet-rich plasma. Derived from a patient’s own blood sample, PRP is used in aesthetic medicine to encourage cell turnover, improve tissue health and vitality, and speed onset of results with other treatments (as with microneedling with PRP).

Like PRP, we derive PRFM from your own blood sample. The difference is that PRFM excludes the plasma (which is acellular) and contains only platelets, which are housed in fibrin matrix (fibrin is the protein which helps your blood clot). The advantage of PRFM over PRP for hair restoration is that the growth factors in the platelets are released more slowly, over several days instead of several hours. This both increases blood flow to the treatment area and more effectively provides hair follicles with the materials they need to remain in the growth phase even longer.

How does PRFM work to treat hair loss?

The hair on your head (and everywhere else) grows in cycles. Each follicle has a growth phase, and then the hair sheds, and the follicle remains dormant for a period. With age-related or hereditary baldness, the hair follicles progressively become less active: the growth phase can slow down, and after the hair sheds, the dormant phase lasts longer. This can lead to hair thinning and, ultimately, baldness after the hair follicle stops producing hair altogether.

PRFM injections can help slow this process, often dramatically. When injected into the scalp, PRFM floods the area with growth factors and other proteins, which keep individual hair follicles in the growth phase longer, essentially helping hair growth “catch up” with hair loss. As a result, the hair gradually becomes thicker and fuller in the treatment area.

Benefits of PRP or PRFM vs. other hair loss treatments

While a few forms of hair loss are related to stress or nutritional deficiencies, most are progressive and will only respond to treatments that replace or revitalize the hair follicle. FDA approved options such as Minoxidil or Finasteride can be effective to help thicken and slow hair loss, but not everyone like the idea of putting chemicals in or on their bodies for a long time—and these drugs must be used indefinitely.

Hair transplants can restore hair to balding areas and are appropriate for advanced hair loss, but even minimally invasive transplant procedures require surgery and downtime, as well as a significant financial investment—and hair transplants will not stop ongoing hair loss.

PRP and PRFM injections offer a drug-free option to slow hair loss and promote healthier hair growth without surgery or downtime. Because your own blood is used as the treatment substance, there is no risk for allergic reaction or drug-related side effects, and your body knows exactly how to use the platelets to its advantage.

What to expect with PRFM hair restoration treatments at The Parker Center

PRFM (and PRP) treatments are performed during an in-office appointment in one of our comfortable treatment rooms. After discussing your concerns and treatment goals, Dr. Parker will determine the exact location of scalp injections to achieve the best possible hair growth. Because we are stimulating your own existing hair follicles with treatment, there is no question about whether or not the results will look natural.

Next, Dr. Parker or Angela Parisi, RN, our Nurse Injector, will draw a small blood sample from your arm. This sample is then placed in a centrifuge and spun to separate the platelet rich plasma matrix from the remaining blood matter. This PRFM is then transferred to a sterile syringe and injected in very tiny amounts, just beneath the scalp. The entire procedure takes about 30 minutes to perform.

Following treatment, you can resume your normal routine, although we will ask that you not wash your hair or work up a vigorous sweat for 24 hours. Some patients experience some mild soreness or bruising at the injection sites, but this typically fades in a few days.

How many treatments will I need?

For most patients, we recommend at least three PRFM treatments, spaced about six weeks apart. A few weeks after your first treatment, you should notice some appreciable thickening in the hair in the treated area, although exact results vary from patient to patient, depending on the degree of hair thinning and the individual’s natural hair growth cycle.

Is PRFM hair restoration right for me?

PRFM (or PRP) injections are best suited for men and women who are in the early stages of hair loss. You must have active hair follicles in the area for the treatment to work—no amount of growth factors will “reawaken” hair follicles that have shut down. In some cases, combining PRP/PRFM treatment with another hair loss treatment, such as Minoxidil, proves to be the best course of action.

Dr. Parker can help you better understand your options at a free personal consultation. Call us at 201-967-1212 for more information or to book your appointment.