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Written Testimonials from Breast Patients

“Dr. Parker and Staff,

I just wanted to let you know how HAPPY I am that I choose The Parker Center for my breast augmentation procedure. I am EXTREMELY pleased with my results so far, and it has only been three weeks! I was able to get back to work only four days after surgery, and I have already been getting myself back (slowly) into my workout routine. The recovery was SO much easier than what I expected. I am amazed at how great I felt, and how I looked. Dr. Parker did an amazing job, and I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in having this procedure.

Also, a BIG thank you to the staff. They provided all the information, care, and comfort a patient could ask for. Thanks Again!”

“Dear Dr. Parker,

Just want to let you know how very pleased I am with the results of my laser resurfacing and breast augmentation. I wish to thank you and your staff for making me feel so comfortable before, during, and after the procedure. You have helped to increase my self-esteem, and I wish you continued success in helping others.”

“Dear Dr. Parker,

I have made Dr. Parker, Janet, and Angela very aware of how impressed I am with the doctor, the office, and all the great people on staff there. I have complete confidence and respect for all the helpful, kind, caring people who work there. Part of the reason I chose the “Parker Center for Plastic Surgery” was the overall attitude of this office. I had other consults in other doctors’ offices that made me feel like I was bothering them, that I shouldn’t expect the doctor to answer questions, that I shouldn’t expect to be part of the decision-making about implant size, procedure, etc. Your practice was a big exception. And my mind was made up instantly after my consult that I would have my procedure done here. I have a feeling when my sister turns 40 in a couple of years, I’ll be recommending the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery.”

“Dear Dr. Parker,

I want to personally thank you for the wonderful job you did on my Breast Reduction. You have restored a part of me that I lost a very long time ago.

My heart felt thanks to you. I really appreciate all that you have done for me. God Bless and thank you.”

“I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in January 1999. I was naturally devastated. After the initial shock wore off, I began to research Plastic Surgeons to do same-day reconstruction of my right breast following my mastectomy. Dr. Parker was one of the kindest, most gentle doctors that I had ever encountered. His bedside manner was only surpassed by his tremendous skills as a Plastic Surgeon. I also had Dr. Parker reduce my left breast so that I would be evenly balanced. The success was tremendous. This was all done through a Tram Flap on March 8, 1999. I am now going through Chemotherapy but at least I can look in the mirror and feel that I am a whole person. This surgery has made wearing a bathing suit and every day clothing a pleasure because now thanks to Dr. Parker I am the same as everyone else. The work that Dr. Parker performed has given me a much more positive outlook and I feel whole again.

I will always be Thankful to him and the entire staff at the Center for making a very difficult time in my life much more manageable. Thank you for giving me my pride and dignity back.”

“Dr. Parker,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the excellent job you did in taking care of my problem and also for taking into consideration that I am a self-paying patient. In thanking Barbara for recommending you to me, I told her all has gone well.

In addition, I would like to commend you for the wonderful work you do in reconstructing breasts after cancer surgery. For certain, you have given many woman a new lease on life. Barbara referred to you as a ‘class act’ and she was right! Thank you again for a job well done.”

“Dear Dr. Parker and Staff,

Words could never express my gratitude to you and your staff. Thank you just does not seem to be enough. Everyone from the receptionists to the nursing staff is so kind and compassionate. Throughout my ordeal with the breast cancer, I have been treated in radiation departments, surgery departments, chemotherapy departments; but nothing compares to the treatment given at your facility. I could never imagine being this happy with the results of my surgery. I feel breasts and a flat stomach too. I feel whole again. My self-confidence is back, and I am no longer ashamed to look in a mirror at myself. You are better than a surgeon, you are truly an artist. Everyone gave me all the time and attention needed to make me feel and look beautiful. Once again, I could never thank you enough. It has only been a month since the surgery, but I feel wonderful and getting stronger each day.”

“Dear Dr. Parker,

Although I have been in your office numerous times for follow-up visits since my surgery, I wanted to write and formally thank you and your staff. You made major surgery a very comfortable and positive experience for me. Angela told me on my first visit that breast reduction patients were among the most satisfied patients. Well, count me in! I feel so much better. I no longer have back pain. And on a more superficial note, I look great and can wear almost anything now. I also wanted to single out Tracey for all she did for me as well. Her support and positive attitude through the whole procedure from the first visit to my continuing follow-ups and phone calls have been invaluable. I know that you know how wonderful they are; I just wanted to say that I think so, too. Thank you again for everything. I’ll see you in a couple of months!”

“Dear Dr. Parker,

Thank you so much for the Victoria’s Secret gift card. What a wonderful way to show off your surgical expertise – with a pretty and feminine ensemble from Victoria’s Secret. With that in mind, my husband thanks you too! Everyone, I mean everyone, at the Parker Center is wonderful. Your staff is always, caring, friendly, and knowledgeable.”

“Dear Kathleen,

I know you help with loads of surgical procedures every day. But your cheerfulness, caring and the concern that you show to each of your patients makes us all feel very special and as if we’re the most important of your cases.

I want to thank you in my own small way for all your thoughtfulness and special attention.”