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Minkys Eyelash Extensions in Paramus, NJ

Love your lashes, skip the falsies

Who doesn’t love having long, gorgeous eyelashes? In fact, the average woman spends nearly $4,000 on mascara alone in her lifetime. Bold lashes perfectly finish any beauty look, but most of us aren’t born with a thick set naturally, so we rely on our products to do the job for us. But mascara can only do so much, and false lashes can be a pain to apply on a regular basis.

Eyelash extensions have been gaining popularity over the last few years for their ability to amp up your natural lashes without the daily fuss of other lash-lengthening products. We’ve been on the lookout for the right eyelash extension system for our patients—and we found the perfect solution in Minkys Eyelash Extensions.

Photo courtesy of Minkys

How do eyelash extensions work?

Unlike false eyelashes, which temporarily sit behind your natural lashes, or mascara, which coats your lashes in product, eyelash extensions are professionally applied along your lash line and bonded to your existing eyelashes.

Eyelash extensions are typically made out of a synthetic material that looks and feels natural—and they come in a variety of curl styles, colors, and lengths to ensure you get the look you want.

When applied to your lashes with a medical grade adhesive, eyelash extensions are seamlessly integrated for a naturally fuller look. As your natural eyelashes grow and fall out as part of the normal growth process, your extensions will begin to fall out as well.

What makes Minkys Eyelash Extensions different?

The creators of Minkys Eyelash Extensions are committed to providing exceptional quality, from their adhesives and lashes to aftercare products. Working closely with their manufacturers every step of the way, they ensure every product and piece of equipment meets their high standards.

Outside of the manufacturing of their stellar products, Minkys provides hands-on workshops to ensure their eyelash professionals receive the training they need to provide you with fabulous results.

But what really sets Minkys Eyelash Extensions apart from other options is their amazing look and feel.

Benefits of Minkys:

  • Come in a variety of styles, curl types, and colors so you can choose how understated or glam you go
  • Soft, flexible, and weightless for a natural look at any length or curl type—and they won’t feel bulky or uncomfortable day-to-day
  • Are long-lasting with proper care, so you can hit the gym, swim, and otherwise live your normal life without worrying about your lashes
  • Adhesive is specially formulated to be soft-drying so you won’t lose flexibility or feel like you’re wearing falsies.

Photo courtesy of Minkys

What is it like to get eyelash extensions?

When you come to the Parker Center Medi-Spa for your eyelash extensions appointment, you’ll meet with our lovely, specialty trained eyelash specialist, Brianna Walsh. You’ll have an opportunity to chat with her about your goals and how you’d love your lashes to look—and she’ll use her expertise and experience with Minkys to pick out the perfect extensions for you.

The first step in the process is to remove any makeup residue or natural oils from your lashes and eyelids. This will help the adhesive bond better and ensure you get a great end result. Once your lashes have been prepped, Brianna will apply a special eye patch over your bottom lashes and under eye area to protect your skin and prevent any adhesive from migrating to the lower lash line.

Now the fun part begins! Carefully parting your natural eyelashes, Brianna will dip a single eyelash extension in adhesive and apply it directly to a single, isolated eyelash. Depending on your desired end result, she will apply anywhere from 40 – 100 individual lash extensions to your eyelashes, taking care to create a uniform, natural look.

Photo courtesy of Minkys

Placing your lashes requires great skill and about two hours of your time. Once all the lashes have been applied, she will run through your eyelashes to ensure there are no clumps and that the adhesive hasn’t migrated anywhere else. She will then “fluff” the lashes by separating and drying them and apply a sealer to ensure your results last.

After application, you can resume your regular routine, with a few exceptions. You’ll need to keep water away from your lashes for about a day to avoid weakening the adhesive. Because your extensions are waterproof, you’re free to use most of your normal products after the initial setting period!

How long do eyelash extensions last?

The longevity of your eyelash extensions is dependent both on your natural lash growth cycle and the quality of the adhesive being used to apply them. Your eyelash growth cycle can be anywhere from 4 – 8 weeks, though some extensions will be lost before this if they were attached to an eyelash farther along in the cycle. That’s why we recommend a “touch up” every month or two if you want to maintain your look.

There are a few things you can do at home to extend the life of your eyelash extensions, like skipping mascara while they’re on, using Minkys specialty eyelash shampoo, and following any aftercare instructions we provide.

Photo courtesy of Minkys

How should I prep for my eyelash extensions appointment?

Please remove all makeup from the upper cheek and eye area before your appointment. If you are unable to arrive fresh-faced, please plan on getting here 15 minutes ahead so we can give you supplies to remove your makeup.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to not drink coffee or caffeinated beverages for any morning appointment. If your appointment is in the afternoon, please refrain from caffeine for at least four hours prior to your lash appointment.

Ready to take your lashes from drab to fab? Contact us today to book your Paramus eyelash extension appointment!