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The Parker Center Medi-Spa Student Discounts & Special Packages

In our experience, patients who begin quality skin care treatments while they are young often find they need fewer and less aggressive treatments to keep their skin healthy and looking youthful, even as they age. But we also understand that as a teen or young adult, staying on a budget is a must. To help you get the treatments you want and need now, we offer students special discounts on our spa services!

Student Discount

  • 15% discount to all students on any full priced treatment

Massage Therapy or Acne Therapy Package

At the Parker Center Medi-Spa, we understand the challenges that our student patients face throughout the year. The demands from school, sports, social interaction and family can cause high levels of stress on the body and on the skin. In view of this dynamic, we have decided to formulate a specialty Student Spa package for students ages 13 to 21 with two options:

Massage Therapy – 12 Visits for $599

  • Once a month visits for one full year (12 appointments)
  • Twice a month visits for six months (12 appointments)
  • That’s less than $50 per visit!


Acne/Clear Skin Therapy – 12 Treatments for $599

  • Visits once a month for 12 months (12 appointments)
  • Visits twice a month for six months (12 appointments)
  • That’s less than $50 per  treatment!

These visits will be customized individually to treat either skin concerns or body aches and stresses. A combination of salicylic acid treatments may be used (when necessary) and traditional acne methods for skin concerns or aromatherapy and lymphatic drainage modalities for body concerns. The above, coupled with tips on home care and home care product suggestions to ensure maximum efficacy.

All treatments are 45 minute sessions.

So, whether your student is the soccer “all star” or future “football pro,” or they are studying for exams and achievement testing or whether they are in need of extra attention with their skincare and are dealing with acne and irritated skin; the Parker Center Medi-Spa will have the remedy specific to their needs.

Makes a Great Gift! They’ll LOVE you for it!