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Goodbye Snoopy: Options for Improving the Shape of Tuberous Breasts

Posted September 18, 2014 by January 29th, 2018 It’s natural to compare oneself with others, but for women with tuberous breasts, comparisons with what’s “normal” can be particularly heart-wrenching. Young women with this issue often spend years in the dark not knowing why their breasts are shaped so differently from the other women they see. If you’ve noticed that the overall shape of… click to continue reading

Can You Treat My Capsular Contracture Without Surgery?

Posted June 25, 2014 by September 22nd, 2017 Breast augmentation is our most popular procedure here at the Parker Center, and we love seeing so many happy patients get the shapely curves they’ve always wanted. Occasionally, however, patients who’ve had prior breast augmentation experience a condition called capsular contracture. If you suspect this has happened to you, we have good news. Capsular contracture… click to continue reading

Making the Switch to Silicone

Posted December 19, 2013 by May 2nd, 2016 When Jill underwent her first breast augmentation in 1996, she was told her saline implants would probably need to be changed out in five years. Seventeen years later, her implants were still in good shape. Over the past couple years she had started to see some rippling, but nothing that was too noticeable. Despite the… click to continue reading

Breast Augmentation: New Jersey patient Shelby is Thrilled with her Results

Posted April 28, 2011 by May 2nd, 2016 Since she was a teenager, Shelby always wanted to have bigger breasts.  As an avid exerciser, she is very fit and always felt something was missing with her figure.  Never having had surgery, Shelby had only recently decided that a breast augmentation was something she should consider. “I thought that only celebrities had breast augmentation,… click to continue reading